Radical Roots Seed Bombs ~ No Brainer Container ~ Ontario/Quebec Native Perennial Wildflowers

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This No-Brainer Container contains self-sustaining wildflower seeds designed to thrive in larger pots and containers. Perfect for novices and advanced gardeners alike, the easy-to-start wildflower mix will provide a continuous display of vibrant, cheerful blooms all season long.

Attracts butterflies! Can be planted in outdoor settings such as rocky or shallow soil areas.

The container should be at least 1'x1'x1' for maximum results. Place into a full container of natural soil, and water, and enjoy. Rain is sufficient watering once initiated and can be left outside in winter. Perennial. Grow in Sun to Partial Shade

Native Range: Ontario Quebec  

Fringed Poppy Mallow - Callirhoe digitata

Prairie Coneflower -Ratibida columnifera

Black-Eyed Susans -Rudbeckia hirta

Lanceleaf Coreopsis -Coreopsis lanceolata

Purple Coneflower -Echinacea purpurea

Wild Bergamot -Monarda fistulosa

Native Range - Ontario and Quebec