~100% wool, dry needle felted ornaments handmade by women from rural and Indigenous communities in northern Peru.

~The artisans are empowered by learning new skills and earning a sustainable income that helps care for their families.

~Proceeds from Felti sales go into the Spectacled Bear Conservation Societies  programs that protect spectacled bears and their habitat.

~SBC is a Peruvian nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving spectacled bears in northern Peru through research, community, empowerment, and habitat protection.

Spectacled bears are the least known of the eight bear species, and the only bear in South America. In northern Peru, a unique and highly endangered bear population is seriously threatened by habitat, loss, and fragmentation.  SBC conducts field research to identify areas with prime bear habitat, and then partners with communities who own the land. Through these partnerships, SBC delivers conservation education, and starts a new chapter of the Felti program in the community.

The opportunity to participate in the Felti program is an incentive for communities to protect spectacled bear habitat, and builds trust and strong relationships between SBC and local people. 


25 products

25 products