Moss Creek Dryer Balls - Set of 3

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Handmade in Canada, Moss Creek Wool Dryer Balls save you time and money by drying clothes faster without toxic dryer sheets.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce drying time to save electricity 
  • Soften clothes naturally, safe for sensitive skin and babies
  • Reduce static and wrinkles
  • Replace toxic dryer sheets and fabric softeners 
  • Last for 1000+ loads

How do you use them?

  • Toss all 3 wool balls in your dryer (6 for large dryers)
  • Store in your dryer between loads

Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh

  • Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to each wool ball and rub together. 
  • Added scents will last over 2-3 loads depending on your drying temperature.

Why Different Wool Colours?

  • Our balls are made using white, grey or brown undyed wool.
  • Just like sheep come in different colors, so do our wool balls!
  • Color does not affect the performance and won’t bleed onto clothes.

Sustainably Sourced and Cruelty Free Wool:

  • Our wool comes from around thew world, but we only work with wool co-ops where the fleece is milled locally to reduce our carbon ‘hoofprint’. 
  • The finest wool comes from regions with a cool climate and high altitude.
  • Our white wool most often comes from ranches in Montana and South Dakota while our colored wools are frequently sourced from Patagonia and Europe. 
  • We are careful to only source wool from farms that never practice mulesing. 
  • Our sheep live free-range and are never exposed to chemicals including sheep dips. 
  • The sheep are raised for their wool, not to eat.

Caring for Your Wool Balls

  • Wool balls will pill and pick up loose threads over time when they’re working hard. (Typically when used on coarser fabrics.)  
  • To maintain your wool balls, give them an occasional trim as needed, then toss them back into the dryer.

Time to Send Your Wool Balls out to Pasture?

  • Plant in your garden as mulch to hold moisture and add nutrients to your soil. 
  • Hang outside for birds to collect the wool to build their nests.

Other Uses for Wool Balls?

  • Wool balls make great pet toys! (We have made them for Orangutans at The Toronto Zoo!) 
  • Learn to juggle and join the Circus.