Loofah Art - Natural Loofah Kitchen Scrubber - Teapot

Loofah Art - Natural Loofah Kitchen Scrubber - Teapot

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Eco-friendly.  Bio-Degradeable.

~Gentle enough to clean fruits and vegetables.

~Tough enough to clean stubborn pots, pans, and soiled dishware

~Non-scratch fibers are safe to use on:  wood, glass, porcelain and tiles, china, counter/stove tops, appliances, microwave ovens, cooled down grills, all delicate non-stick surfaces.

~To clean, just rinse, squeeze and hang to air dry.  Always stays fresh.

Loofah-Art helps to provide humanitarian and economic support to impoverished farmers and their families in developing countries around the world.  A percentage of all proceeds go back to the countryside to provide funding to build new schools, much needed medical care and decent living conditions.